Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Big news!

We found out some big news on Sunday - we're expecting! We'd been trying for a few months but my schedule was all out of whack. Finally I felt like my body was telling me something so I got a pregnancy test, and Sunday we all three checked the results - positive!

Even though I'm thrilled to have another child, I'm dreading the C-section that's sure to happen in a few months. But I was sort of able to get over that fear since it's still pretty far away. My fear of needles, however, is as prevalent as ever, and unfortunately, more in the forefront. When I was pregnant with S, I had low progesterone levels, so I wanted to get checked for that with this pregnancy as well. So Monday morning, I sucked it up and went in for my blood test. The nurse tried my left arm, but I was too tense and she couldn't hit it, so we went back to a room where I could lie down, and she got it from my right arm. Unpleasant, but I survived! The results came back yesterday and my progesterone level was fine, but they saw that my HCG level was only 815, so they wanted to check it again to make sure it had doubled as it should. So back I went yesterday. Luckily the same nurse was there, so we just headed straight for a room and she got it on the first try. Praying that all looks good and I won't need anymore blood drawn for a few months!

Luckily on our drive to St. Louis Friday, we found out that the HCG level was where it should be. Whew! Last night though, I had some bleeding and got a little panicky. I grabbed my What to Expect book and found that can happen sometimes but to monitor it and if it happens in conjunction with cramping or continues for a couple of days, it can be signs of a miscarriage. I had walked to the store with S that evening, so I thought I may have overdone it and laid down for awhile. I'm fine today, so hopefully that's all it was. I haven't had any morning sickness per se, but my stomach doesn't feel very well. I'm not exactly nauseous; it's almost more like a knot in my gut. Two weeks from today is my dr. appt. so hopefully everything will go well until then.

I seem to be fine today. I was worried that I might overdo it when I had to run home to clean the house for a showing this morning - between being gone over the weekend and not feeling well last night, it was a pit! - but I'm feeling fine. Still sending up prayers for the baby to be healthy, though.

Well, the morning sickness has started. I think?? It's been very strange. Friday I felt like I had stomach cramps, kind of like when you eat too much popcorn or too many peanuts. Then I had the chills, so I thought maybe I had a stomach bug? I never felt like I needed to throw up, but I thought I was going to have diarrhea and never did. It got worse and worse as the evening went on so I went to bed a little early. The next morning I felt better - still the uncomfortable knot, but not the painful cramping. Then Saturday night, it happened again, and Sunday, and today. So I called the dr. - I've never heard of morning sickness like this - and the nurse said they hadn't either but to try taking some Zantac. So I'm going to give that a whirl.

So I think that must have been a stomach bug, because it only last 4-5 days. Weird.

I had my first appt. and had an ultrasound. There was just one baby and the heart was beating. Yea! We were going to keep it on the DL until I was 12 weeks, but it's sort of leaked out to different groups over the last week and a half, so after I tell another group of friends this Friday, I'm going to go ahead and post this and send an email to those who haven't heard yet. I'll be 10 weeks by Friday, so that's pretty close.

We found out our level 2 sonogram is June 10th. Assuming the baby cooperates, we will be finding out the sex this time around. :)

S is very cute about the pregnancy. We wanted her involved from the beginning, even though she doesn't really understand it all yet. When I took my pregnancy test, I left it for a few minutes, and then all three of us looked at the results together. Since then, we've occasionally mentioned that there's a baby in mommy's tummy. Daddy will kiss my belly, so now Sammie will say "Kiss baby?", and she'll kiss my belly. So cute!

Other than that, I thought of a cute annoucement idea, so I need to start working on those. And, most importantly (in DH's mind), we need to move!

Today I had my 12 week appointment. We weren't able to hear the heartbeat, but we saw it on the ultrasound and all looks good. It looks like a baby now instead of just a bean so it feels more real. We got two good prints - one of a profile and one of the whole body, - head, torso and legs. I'm feeling well still, and hadn't gained any weight yet (which is good since I'm already heavier than I wanted to be when I got pregnant again). I had planned to make the annoucement a couple of weeks ago but was waiting til I got together with a couple of friends and we had to postpone, so I am going to send it this Friday. DH came up with another girl name that I love, so I don't get to pick again, dang it! But that's ok.

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