Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nordic Tuesday...and Wednesday, etc.

There's a FedEx commercial that's out now that shows a bunch of people in an office huddled around a trash can fire on Tuesdays when they turn off the heat as a way of trying to save money.
It makes us all laugh here at the office because our heater has been broken for a couple of weeks and we all are wearing our winter coats and gloves and using space heaters to keep warm.

DH started brewing his own beer, and I thought it was a funny hobby for him because #1, he's not much of a beer drinker, and #2, he doesn't have the patience to wait the 10 weeks it takes for it to be done. But whatever makes him happy. :) The first batch is finally done, and he's not thrilled with it. It's still a little green though, so I think it will be fine in a couple of weeks.

S is saying so many new words - one or two a day - it's amazing! She learned "moon" last week so now she looks for it in the daytime, and when she can't find it, she shrugs her shoulders like "where did it go?" So cute! This morning she was snapping and unsnapping the strap on her high chair (one of her fave things to do as she says "snap" over and over), and I said, "You are just a snapping fool!" and she said "a FOO'!" It was so cute - I was cracking up. We have a little Mr. T now. DH has taught her how to put her arms up in her car seat when we go down a hill and say "Whee!" like she's on a roller coaster. So funny! Of course now she's at an age when he can teach her almost anything and that is a little dangerous. We're trying to teach her how to jump, and she's so close, but she kind of gallops more than jumps. She'll get there!

She's struggling a little with bedtime right now, but we're hoping she'll get a little better when we get her big girl bed delivered in a couple of weeks. We were going to get it at the beginning of Feb, but then we put the house on the market and didn't want to mess with it. Still no offers though, and she's thrashing so much in her crib, I am worried she'll hurt herself if we don't move her to a bed, soon. Oh, the drama! She makes me laugh, though, because she has learned how to have a temper tantrum and ease onto the floor instead of flopping. I'm glad because I was always worried about her getting hurt, but it's pretty funny, too, because it's even more obvious that she's just being a drama queen. But we've got to get the sleeping thing figured out. The last few nights have been terrible and last night was the worst - it took two hours to get her down and we ended up just letting her sleep with us.

She really seems to enjoy the daycare we take her to on Mondays now. There is a little boy and a little girl who are her age that are there as well as a dog. The woman who watches her is a sweet, grandmotherly type and the kids just love her.

The house is still on the market. It's a rough time to sell. We've had about 20 showings in 5 1/2 weeks and no offers. Several comments on the kitchen being too small. Unfortunately, not much we can do about that. The realtor is going to stop by this week and see if he can make any suggestions to give the illusion that it's bigger than it is. I told DH maybe we could move the computer out, but we'll see what the realtor says.

We're going to St. Louis this weekend which I'm so excited about. I asked S if she was excited to see her aunt and uncle and she smiled really big. It will be interesting to see how she does with the puppies. We're planning to go to the zoo which should be fun. Hopefully it won't be too cold.

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