Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

It's a beautiful St. Pat's - sunny and supposed to be up to 80 today. Good thing the heat's finally fixed at the office....

Last weekend we went to St. Louis to visit Aunt J and Uncle K. We went to the zoo on Saturday since it was in the upper 50s and nice out. That was my first time going to the one in St. Louis, and S's first trip to any zoo. It was fun. We went through the kids part and she got to pet the goats and see lemurs and play on a playground. Then we saw elephants, hippos and bears. We went to a frog room where they had guinea pigs, meerkats and snakes. Then we went through the penguin section and saw them and the puffins. While on the train, we saw the tigers. We didn't make it to the giraffes or monkeys which were two areas we wanted to see. We ended up staying about two hours longer than we'd planned, but didn't come close to seeing everything. We'll have to go back again. There were some ducks on the other side of the fence by the pond and S walked over to them and started to put her finger through - thankfully I saw that coming and grabbed her just before the duck almost bit her. She was pretty good although tired. She didn't sleep well at all while we were there. She had a good time playing with the dogs. She started out a little timid, but by the end was playing fetch with Buddy and when he would lie down to rest she would motion with her arms and say "Up! Up!".

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