Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow and a Battle of Wills

The big news from this weekend is we had a big snowstorm Friday night into Saturday morning. I was disappointed that none of S's snow gear fits anymore; while we often get snow into March, it just didn't seem to make sense to buy more for her for this season. She and DH did play in it for a bit, but it was too cold to make a snowman or go sledding.

This morning we had our first big battle of wills. S accidentally knocked the Cheerios over on the floor so I asked her to pick them up. She got about half of them before deciding she didn't want to do it anymore. An hour and a half and 2 time outs later, she finally finished picking them up. I have a feeling we'll have more of those experiences instead of fewer as time goes on...

KU kicked Mizzou's bootie today! It was very exciting, a from the start which we didn't expect. Samantha watched a lot of fist-pumping "YES!" moments and started imitating us. Good thing it wasn't a losing game. :)

Work was frustrating the last few days. I was there late Friday and had to go in Saturday for a few hours. And I've had a cold again since Wednesday but since I'm out of sick days, I've just been trying to suck it up. Unfortunately, as the days go by, I feel worse instead of better. Just trying to hang in there a few more days as I'm sure it will run its course. On the upside, I was able to get out of work in time to get some scrapbooking in with girls from work which was fun.

I can't believe it's March and S is 19 months old! She's learning more every day. She's gotten very good at putting on her socks and can often get her shoes and pants on by herself (if she's willing to wear clothes, that is!). She is feeding herself with a spoon so well she eats yogurt on her own now, too, although it's still messy. She stacks her shape-sorter blocks 8 high, and loves to "read" her books. She started trying to put a diaper on her baby doll. So cute!

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Our Story... said...

Girl, why are you moving her out of her crib already? Is she climbing out? If not I would get the sleep thing figured out before you move her, because bedtime is really hard when you move them to a bed and nap time is challenging too. I hope the girls can stay in their cribs until they are 3. Although, I can't believe all she is doing, she is really really advanced.

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