Thursday, August 26, 2010

Grand"mom"ments, Chapter 1

Last night was the first time my mom and I sat down to chat about her memories of us as kids. I think she was feeling a bit overwhelmed and on the spot, like there was a bit of pressure. I told her not to worry about it, and hopefully now that we've gotten going, it will be easier. I already have forgotten specifics about S being a baby - I can't imagine what I'll have forgotten in 35-ish years! She had a great idea to bring a photo album next time, and I think that will help a lot and be a lot of fun. I'm going to try to scan in a few of the pictures to include with the stories when appropriate. So without further adieu, here's her story:

When you were born, you were 4lbs 5oz, and I was scared spitless of you!
What am I going to do with this little wee thing? Grandma Mc came down to
help me and got me settled down. Dad was very calm about it. Didn’t have
panic attacks. As you started to grow, and you grew fast, it wasn’t as scary.

You were always - from time beginning - active. Busy, busy, busy! When
your sister, J, was born, you wanted to be really helpful with her. She kind
of felt like she was smothered several times. Eventually J got
to the point of letting you know, "Get out of my face!"

Like I said, you were always really busy. The first thing we did with
you was put you in dance, tap and tumbling, and you were really good
at that. Then softball, and we had lots of fun with that. Your dad,
of course, was the coach. You were always irritating the other team
when they were up at bat. You were a good softball player. You had
good hits and ran really fast.

You had an imaginary friend, Christy Lane. You loved to play in the
sand, and were always hyperactive, always on the go.

So clearly Mom's memories are less about specifics, and mostly impressions. So what have we learned? I was hyper. Yes, and that explains a lot about why our little Miss S is hyper, too. Can't wait to hear more next week! Thanks, Mom!


Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points said...

It's funny how those details that were SO Important to us as moms when they happen blur with time.

I THINK my son walked at 13 months, I know it was a little late.'s entirely possible that I'm remembering my best friend's son who was six weeks older.

I'm pretty sure I have his birthday right, at least.

Not Just Another Jennifer said...

So true! I remember when a friend's son starting eating solids. Our DD is only 6 months older than him, so I had told her to call me with any questions. She did and asked me what I fed her first, how old she was, etc. I couldn't remember any of it! I was shocked. How could I not remember that? But so much happens in such a short time when they are tiny.

Hey, as long as you've got his birthday, that's all anyone can ask. :)

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