Friday, August 20, 2010


Friday Baby R pulled up on the bathtub to stand on her feet. I don't mean a struggling pull, I mean, one fluid heft and she was up. My baby is getting so big. I feel like I'm missing out on so much of her babyhood. I was so focused on S when she was a baby. Every moment, every detail. I would watch her for hours. Poor Baby R gets a cursory glance, and a, "Wow! Good job!" before I have to make sure S isn't drowning in the tub while washing mermaid Dora's "cradle cap". I was so worried about ignoring S when R was little that I focused on R when she needed me, but not much more than that. I'm hoping that I'll get better at splitting my attention between them as they get bigger and more equally independent. Is that unrealistic?

On a funny note, S has some new imaginary friends. They seem to have Chinese/Indian sounding names. I'm not sure where she's getting them from, but I'm glad to know that she's somehow being exposed to other ethnicities. We let her type on the laptop when the powe is off, so she was doing that on the coffee table Thursday when she suddenly collapsed in laughter on the couch. I asked her if she was alright, and she caught her breath and said, "Yeah, Sangdonghanong (sp?) sent me an email, and it was so funny I fell down!" And she erupted in peals of laughter again. I was cracking up. Inside, mind you. Though I was unable to stifle a small giggle.

Sunday has another cute S story, and a not-so-cute one. I'll start with the negative and end on a positive. First of all, keep in mind that we had a rough night, so I know she was really tired when she woke up. I don't even remember what started it, but she had a huge tantrum. I told her she needed to go to her room until she could calm down. She said she wanted to go downstairs. I told her she could as soon as she stopped screaming. She started throwing her books. I told her to stop and that she needed to pick up all her books and put them away, or I would take them away. The latter was the end result. I'm skipping A LOT; this was an hour - hour and a half process. I had planned to go to church, but I was so exhausted by the time we were done at 8:30am, I could barely function.

Thankfully the day got better. Later on, S said she was going to singing lessons and then piano lessons. She sang into the Baby R's toy microphone, and then had "piano" lessons on the xylophone. Very cute.

Unfortunately, today there was another tantrum. I don't know if she was hungry (hardly had any dinner) or tired, but we went for a walk after dinner, and she was wanting to ride in the stroller. We were only half a block from home. I finally put her in it and carried Baby R, and turned us back towards the house. She threw a fit because she didn't want to go home. And then when we got home it was worse. So I put her to bed - no snack, no video, no books - and told her I'd be back to finish her bedtime routine after I put Baby R down. She had wet her pants when I came back. That's something she's started doing lately. Not sure if she's doing it on purpose to piss me off (ha, ha), or if she literally loses control when she's that upset. Sigh.....

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