Friday, September 6, 2013


Before we left town, DH bought some steaks and corn on the cob. We planned to leave STL Monday morning, have a leisurely afternoon unpacking and getting ready for the week and grill out for dinner. But then DH found the 10K, so we pushed back our departure time. The steaks had to wait until Tuesday.

That morning, I realized we were out of marinade, so I planned to stop at the store on the way home to pick some up. DH let me know he was going to need to go back to the office after I got home, so I told him I'd try to leave work early and suggested I feed the munchkins supper and put them to bed, then marinate the steaks, and we could have a late dinner date around 9pm when he got home.

This is a story of best laid plans.

I picked Baby R up from daycare at 5:30pm. As we were leaving, she fell and skinned her knees and hands. They were bleeding, so we went back into daycare, got her cleaned up and bandaged. So we didn't get to the store until 6:00pm.

The marinade we use was on sale, so they were sold out. I went to the customer service desk and asked them to check to see if there was any more stock in the back, but there wasn't. The woman was very kind and helpful and wrote me a raincheck, but had to go back to the shelf to see the sale price since it wasn't listed in the flyer. I appreciated it but really needed to get going.

We didn't get home until 6:30pm. And then I told DH about the marinade and he said I should have called and he would have had me pick up a different kind. Good point. Anyway, we threw the steaks in the freezer before he left for work again.

While I was quickly putting chicken strips in the toaster oven to feed our starving children, Baby R tipped over one of the kitchen chairs and broke it. It was an accident, but incredibly frustrating.

Then at bedtime, S was being sassy and disrespectful (the usual as of late - grrrr) and refused to get into her top bunk. I was so mad, I picked her up and put her in it. Bad idea, I know. Especially since my blood pressure is up (see the next post with more info on that).

About half an hour later, Baby R had a BM. I went back upstairs to change her and needed something from the nursery. There were toys in the crib. I've asked the girls repeatedly not to put toys in the baby's bassinet and crib now that I've washed the sheets and gotten things set up. It was just the final straw on an incredibly frustrating evening.

Excited for maternity leave and more time with the girls, but also a little dreading the idea of reliving this kind of day often over the next few months. Praying for the good ones to greatly outweigh the tough ones.
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