Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Trip to St. Louis

We went to St. Louis over Labor Day weekend to visit my sister, J, and my BIL and nephew. I was a little nervous since I was only 3 weeks out from d-day, but we just couldn't go sooner. They put their house on the market in the spring and then moved the weekend before S's bday. Luckily everything went fine. We got to town a little after lunch on Saturday. We relaxed that afternoon, checked out their new digs, grilled out and had great cousin time. We hadn't seen my nephew since Easter - he's 8 months old now! Such a big boy and so fun!

Sunday my sister and I took the girls to the Missouri Botanical Gardens.

The children's area had a lot of cool things for them to do. We didn't make it to all the parts - it was really hot and muggy - but we saw enough to know we'd like to go back. Their favorite parts were the tree house, the general store and the water splash area next to the store.

Afterwards we went to Fitz's for lunch.

We had great service, and good food. And the girls each got to have their own bottle of "fizz" - S had ginger ale and Baby R had grape. Then we headed back home and had a little nap time/quiet time. DH and my BIL took the girls to a River City Rascals game that evening.

J and I got to have sister time which was awesome. We splurged on an ice cream treat and watched a chick flick. "Safe Haven" was as terribly cheesy as you think it is. But it was great getting to hang out together.

Monday morning DH ran his first 10K - so proud of him! Unfortunately, he locked his keys in the trunk. Luckily, I had my copy, so my BIL was able to take them to him. When they got back, my sister took S to Macy's and spoiled her rotten with belated Hello Kitty birthday gifts. And then we headed back to KC. So thankful to have had the chance to see them.
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