Sunday, January 4, 2009

Family and friends

Yesterday we met my dad's side of the family for lunch in Ottawa. Aunt M had organized it all since S was visiting from Alaska and K was visiting from Australia. I recognized a few people, but we don't see that side much - Dad's Dad's relatives. My DH, DD and I went with Dad (Mom wasn't feeling up to it). Then last night we went to C's to meet her fiance. He seems really nice. They're planning a June wedding. It was fun to see all the girls and their families. One of the girls found out she has gestational diabetes, so that's a bummer. So far she's just having to test her blood sugar several times a day and take medication. Hopefully she won't have to have insulin shots. They're monitoring her closely now, so she'll have weekly visits until her due date, 2/22.

Some of S's favorite things to do right now: twirl in a circle until she gets dizzy, carry around her purse, wear her sparkly red shoes that Daddy bought her, "talk" on her phone, climb stairs, sit on the step stool, take things in and out, eat watermelon. Things she does not like: being dressed, being buckled into her carseat/stroller, etc. - basically anything she can't do by herself or that restrains her. She's able to eat thick oatmeal with a spoon on her on, and has mastered eating some things (like watermelon) with a fork. She loves to help - she wipes everything with tissues to "clean", and tries to sweep with her kid-sized broom she got for Christmas. We just took the tray off her booster high chair so now she's eating at the table. We ordered a bedroom set for her so her bed will be here in a few weeks. She's getting to be such a big girl! For the most part, she is such a joy, but she definitely has a strong will and quick temper and lately tantrums have become frequent - terrible twos already! But she's also become more snuggly. She and Daddy do eskimo and butterfly kisses. And she loves to hug and give kisses. We are so blessed to have her!!

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