Friday, January 23, 2009

Sing a Song

S has started singing. DH made up a song we sing when we change her diaper, and this week she's started saying "Na na na" to the tune of the first three notes when we start to change her diaper. So cute! She's always loved music and dances around whenever it's on, but could only point to the iHome to get across the message she wanted to listen to some. Lately she's started clucking and wiggling to tell me, hey, turn on some tunes!

Yesterday I had to go to the photo studio to help out with some shots by being a hand model, and DH accidentally left his keys at home, so he and S had to come downtown to get my set. The photographer had gotten an autographed photo of Mario Chalmers' shot that tied the championship game and sent it into overtime, so I was glad DH was able to see it.

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