Monday, January 19, 2009

Working for the Weekend

I need a weekend from my weekend - I'm beat! We boxed up the majority of the extraneous stuff around the house this weekend and are now mostly done. We'll be able to finish the odds and ends this week so next weekend we can do some deep cleaning and figure out if we've missed doing something to get the house ready by the 1st.

Sunday S and I went to our friends' house to meet their baby girl. She was not happy that Mommy was holding another baby, let me tell you! The green-eyed monster made an appearance. But after a few minutes, she was happy playing with the cats and walking around on tiptoe checking out the house. Then that evening we went to our niece's bday party. We went to bed early last night, but a little munchkin kept waking us up. Was being on a newborn sleep schedule her way of trying to convince us that having another baby is a bad idea so she doesn't have to have a sibling to share Mommy time with? I think so. Or she could have just been wet, then hungry, then cold, but those seem like reasonable ideas, and reason was not my strong suit at midnight, 2:30am or 5am.

I had my well woman exam today - oh yea - so I was glad that our drive to my parents' house went so well. S was dancing in her carseat to the radio - Toby Mac's "Lose My Soul" which is the only song she dances to in my car, so I assume is her current favorite. Although she does love the theme song to M.A.S.H. so it's a toss up. Her favorite thing to do while in the car is watch the baby shades go up. I made the mistake of doing that one day to distract her from a tantrum and now she wants me to do it all the time. They're the Eddie Bauer ones that suction cup to the window and you pull them down to the desired length and then press a button on the side and they roll back up - with a flourish! The problem is that I can only reach the one behind me, and I can only do that when stopped, so she pulls on the one next to her until I do it. That'll be broken soon, I'm sure....

Two random thoughts: I saw an infomercial on tv last night for Bump-It (or something? I can't remember the name exactly). It's to help boufante (sp?) your hair. I had to laugh. I'm doing all I can to calm mine down. The other funny thing that happened this weekend is that DH got S to hold her nose when he said "Stinky" and pointed to me. Lovely!

Better get to work! Thankful I have a job and a healthy munchkin to wake me at all hours.

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