Monday, January 26, 2009

Leaps and Bounds

It always amazes me how much S grows in such a short time, not just physically, but with her skill set. Yesterday she put her shoe on all by herself and managed to open a door by twisting the handle for the first time. Both of these are inconsequential to us as adults - we don't even think about them as we do them - they're second nature to us. But to a toddler, each is a big feat.

Her dancing repertoire has also grown to include the mashed potato (not sure where she picked that up?) and headbanging. Daddy was proud of the latter. We also played Ring Around the Rosies for the first time yesterday which she really enjoyed. The only bummer about the weekend was she tripped on the rug yesterday and face-planted resulting in a split lip. Poor baby! But she's a tough little cookie, and after a few tears, was off and running again.

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