Sunday, January 11, 2009

Livin' in a Box

I imagine my reference to an obscure 80's song is lost on most, but it was appropriate for today's post. We're packing things up to clear out the clutter and S has discovered the joy of playing in an empty box that's big enough to be her chair/car/bed/whatever her little head is imagining. She's also having fun with the popcorn we used to pack one of the vases. One thing she's not enjoying is eliminating some things. I threw away a little random cardboard thing that said "ABC" on it that we'd had since she was born, and she got it out of the trash.

She was making me laugh earlier today eating pizza. She ate about 75% of a slice - from Papa John's, so it was pretty big - and then ate all the toppings off what was left. She kept flipping it upside down to eat it - reminded me of her Aunt J when she was little. :) The other thing she's been doing lately is wanting to be naked. I babysat for a girl when I was in college who refused to put clothes on. We would get ready to go outside to play in the snow, and she'd put her boots on but that was it. I told S she can wear her birthday suit inside as long as she wears clothes when we leave the house.

My DH is so cute - he got S a little Grover and Elmo for Christmas and found an Ernie yesterday to add to her collection. When he brought it home, he was playing with her and called her E (his youngest sister's name). I asked him if he was having flashbacks from childhood. He was embarrassed, but I thought it was adorable - he's 5 years older than her, so he remembers getting in her playpen when she was little to play with her.

Yesterday was a little rough - she was up a lot in the night and was up for the day at 6 am. Then she wanted to go for a walk, but it was bitter cold. I eventually gave in, and we walked to the store to get groceries for dinner. The wind didn't blow often, but it did kick up once in awhile, and I was worried about her little cheeks, but we got home and she didn't want to go inside. So we walked around by the library and on the way back she fell asleep, so it was worth it. Plus I finally got some exercise!

To back up one more day, we had my office Christmas party Friday night. We went to the Bulldog downtown and had a great time. Although, we didn't get done with dinner til almost 10pm, so we didn't make it bowling at Lucky Strike in the Power and Light District like we'd planned.

Dad's doing much better - he has a lot more energy. He was released Friday afternoon so I took him and Mom home. We took a bunch of boxes to their basement today. They should start charging us for storage. :)

Right now my DH and DD are chasing each other by crawling under and around the coffee table. The doorbell just rang, so since DH is trapped under the table, I better sign off to answer it....

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