Friday, July 30, 2010

Birthday Notes

Since S had her checkup this afternoon on her actual birthday and had to get a shot, AND it just happens to be national cheesecake day so The Cheesecake Factory had half-price slices, I told her if she did a good job at the doctor's office, we'd get a special treat. She did pretty well considering it was right in the middle of naptime. She still fights opening her mouth to let the dr. look inside, but other than that, she did great. She was brave for her shot, but a little surprised by how much it hurt. She sniffled until the nurse left then let out great big wailing sobs. She asked me why she had to get a shot, and I told her it was to protect her from getting really sick, and she said "I don't want to." Poor thing. Next time, she'll have remembered.

So off we went to Cheesecake Factory. (Clearly this was more a present for me than for her. They've posted a different flavor on Facebook every day for a month. I've been drooling all of July.) As we were pulling in, she asked what we were getting. I told her I was taking her to get a special treat called cheesecake, and I thought she would like it. She said, "No! I want FARMER'S cheesecake." I had to laugh. I told her it's not actually made out of cheese, it's just called that. It was too confusing to her.

As we were getting out of the car, "I Wanna Rock With You" was playing. She said she really liked this music. Good taste, baby. "Yep, you can't go wrong with Michael Jackson," I replied.

Because it was WAY past naptime, I made sure to order when we sat down, the 30th Anniversary Slice. Chocolate cake, original cheesecake and chocolate accents. Yum! She was mostly interested in the large dollop of whipped cream. I kept trying to get her to have some cake, but she'd make a face and say she didn't like it. The outside crust had a chocolate shell with sprinkles so I got her to take a few bites of that with a little cheesecake hidden on it. The third bite I said, "See, isn't that yummy? The creamy stuff is the cheesecake." Suddenly, she wanted to spit it out. Oh brother. Luckily, I was planning to get a to-go box anyway to share with DH later, so we got it to go.

"Roxanne" came on while we were sitting there and she cocked her head to the side. I told her The Police sing this song. She looked perplexed so I explained that was the name of the band who played it. "That's kind of funny, huh?" She nodded. I imagine her picturing policeman sitting behind the drums and playing guitars. :)

On the way out, she wanted to go back to the bathroom. When we'd been in the first time after we ordered before our food arrived, there were three, stair-stepped sisters dressed alike who were very cute. I think she wanted to find them again, but it was just us. Then as we were washing our hands, she was singing her ABC's like usual only a little louder. After she finished, we heard clapping and "Yea! Good job!" from one of the stalls. Too funny!

And then my little angel fell asleep on the drive home. So I'm taking a quick minute to post this, then off to do as much prep work for the big party tomorrow as possible before she gets up!


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