Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Girls

Baby R started doing the army crawl last week. The funny thing is that she'll stop and turn back to look at you, and she's kind of on her side with one hand on her hip in a sassy bathing suit pose. Got to try to catch it on film/video.

Saturday, my DH put together a swing set for S. She played on it ALL day Sunday - we even had a picnic lunch in the fort. :) It's for her bday but it's also for the whole family plus we thought it would be nice to already have it up for the party, so we did it ahead of time. (And by we, I mean he. My sweet hubby rocks!) This weekend we have 2 bday parties and a going away party to attend. Gearing up for S's bday party. Initially when I asked her what kind of party she wanted to have, she said princesses. I said, really? (She's not that into them - thank goodness. I think she said that because she had just been to a friend’s party with that theme.) I said, ok. You don't want Curious George or Elmo or Sid the Science Kid or Clifford? And she said she wanted Elmo on her cake with Oscar the Grouch and Cookie Monster, etc. So I said, so you want a Sesame Street party? She said yes. Then I told DH that, and he said she told him she wanted a Dora party. I was 99% sure she would change her mind a hundred times between then and now, but I was thinking she would lean towards Dora, so I just did purple and orange invites and decided to wait on the theme. She’s been pretty consistent about saying Sesame Street, though, so that's what we're doing. Here's the invite I did. The only problem is that I like to keep the invite theme in the party theme which has been a bit of a struggle since Sesame Street is green and yellow, not orange and purple. But I've managed to do it ok, I think. I'll post some pics (eventually!) and you can be the judge.

The couple of weeks after DD's bday, we're going to Estes Park - yea!!! Really looking forward to cooler, less humid weather for a bit. And getting away for awhile. The drive will be tough with the munchkins, but it will be worth it. Hoping to get to meet up with some college friends while we're out there.

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