Sunday, July 25, 2010

Crazy Day

Well, it's official, we all four having the creepin' crud, as my dad would say. It started with S on Wednesday. In the morning I thought (hoped) it might be allergies. She was sneezing a lot. By that evening, she was definitely sick. We try to keep the kids apart when they're sick, and away from my parents, because it just keeps getting passed around from the kids to the caregivers and back, so Thursday we asked my FIL to watch her for us. She had a couple of accidents so my MIL said she might have a bladder infection. So Friday, I took her to the dr. Just a cold. And now we all have it. Blech.

It's been a weird day. This morning, DH went outside to mow the lawn and a stray dog wandered over. He called her owner and they were out of town, so the housesitters came by to get her. Then a little while later, the electricity went out. S was so cute; she wanted me to turn the tv back on and I told her I couldn't, we'd have to wait for the electricity to come back on. She said, "Daddy will fix it. Daddy can fix anything!" After half an hour I called the power and light company and it came back on about thirty minutes later. Luckily they were kind enough to call me with a recorded message about another thirty minutes later saying they had received my complaint and were working hard to restore power to our area. Then I went to set Riley down on the floor, and I didn't place her well and she fell over on her face and got a bloody nose. I felt so terrible. Just got her up from her nap and she scratched herself in her sleep - looks like she's been in a fight with the scraped nose and little bit of blood on her nostril. At least, she doesn't seem to be feeling as badly as the rest of us yet. Just a little runny nose. Hoping we can get everyone well soon - glad it was this weekend and not next for S's big bday bash!

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