Wednesday, October 6, 2010

B2S/B2B Assignment 4: Important Bloggers in my Blogging Life

As a newly publicized blogger, I don't have a lot of followers yet, so I'd just like to highlight a few of people who have been instrumental in helping and inspiring me.

First up, Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points. I don't remember how I found out about Lori's post on the Rainbow Cake (which I've since learned originated with Gigi!), but I was laughing so hard, I had to forward the link to several friends to check it out. Each time I came back to forward it, I read another post. Lori sounded like the kind of gal I'd like to hang out with eating cake and candy (not bread and cough drops). I commented on her posts, she commented back - Lori was the first person I really interacted with via the blog world.

Next is Julia @ Work, Wife, Mom... Life! I started following Julia... well, officially? Today, actually. But I've been reading her since around August. I found her through Lori's blog roll, and I've really enjoyed her posts. And she has a really cool blog design. :)

What brought Julia to this list has to do with last week's B2S/B2B assignment. I was struggling with figuring out how to add a badge to my site, and I made a post on Blog Frog, but hadn't heard back from anyone. I commented on something Julia said about Twitter, and she wrote back with some suggestions for me, and then asked if there was anything else I wondered about it because she was going to do another post with tips for newbies like me. I really appreciated her asking my opinion, so asked if she could maybe help me figure out how to add the badge and code to my site. She gave me the scoop, and now I have a lovely badge for all to copy!

I really thought blogging was going to be more isolated and when there was interaction that it would be brisk and business-like, but I'm finding that all those who post about making bloggy friends are right. Julia illustrated just how nice and helpful other bloggers are!

And finally, Gigi from Kludgy Mom without whom I would not be posting this! I could not have found Gigi at a more perfect time. I expound on this more in this post, but I started blogging for me, and just last spring submitted a post to Mamapedia. That led me to revamp my blog to be public. This summer, I started looking at more blogs and found Kludgy Mom a couple of weeks before Gigi started Back to School/Back to Blogging. It has been such an amazing experience! I cannot thank her enough for all she's done.

There are others, but you three are the ones who first came to mind. I think this was a wonderful assignment. I'm considering adding a "Star of the Week" type of thing to my blog highlighting everyone, and why I love them. Who doesn't love praise?


Jackie said...

I love your star of the week idea! It's a great way to feature those that you didn't in your post! I know there were so many that I wanted to thank personally but the post would have gone on forever!!!

MultipleMum said...

Another A+ assignment. I did this a little differently - Blog Bookmarks B2SB2B Edition.

Gigi has been pretty amazing. I wish I had more time to implement more of her strategies. I didn't even do the FB page thing. How is yours going?

Tatter Scoops said...

Star of the week sounds like an awesome idea! :D Awesome assignment this week, girl! Mine was a bit too long *sigh* lol.

Not Just Another Jennifer said...

Thanks, ladies! Multiple Mum - I really just launched the FB page a couple of days ago. I think it's going to take some time for me to get all my ducks in a row. I was feeling overwhelmed with all the strategies and decided to do one thing for each week, and after we wrap up "school", I'll go back and do the rest of them.

Tatter Scoops - I haven't read yours yet - heading there now!

Gigi said...

Aw, you are so very sweet. I'm glad you have found the challenge helpful. It's been super fun to see everybody progress. :) Thank you for the shout out!

Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points said...

That is a wonderful, wonderful compliment dear one!

And I'm SO glad you understand The Rules.

It makes like so much easier when we all understand each other, don't you think? ;)

Not Just Another Jennifer said...

Gigi and Lori - no, thank YOU!

L. Eleana Johnson said...

I know you're new (me too), but I'm so happy to have met you through B2SB2B! Gigi has been so amazing, definitely a Godsend for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Great idea!

Not Just Another Jennifer said...

Thank you so much! I couldn't agree more.

Anonymous said...

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