Friday, October 8, 2010

NOTES {by redletter design studio}

Exquisite. Original. Classy. And at the same time, cute and fun.

Wednesday I had lunch with my dear friend, Stephanie, who is all those things and more. We were discussing the usual topics - work, hubbies, family, struggles, joys. She's been really supportive of my dive into the blogging world and given me a lot of great feedback. She just launched an Etsy store and has had a wonderful response - 100 fans on Facebook within a couple of weeks. (You will want to be one, too, after seeing the images below, so click here.) I have been telling her she should start a blog of her own as another PR source. She's a little busy filling orders, so in the meantime, I told her I'd love to do a product review on my blog.

This is my first foray into official review-writing, so I want to start by saying that I take a firm stance on only promoting products I truly believe are of the highest quality, and that I, myself, own and use. I have known Stephanie for over 10 years; she is not only a gifted designer, but also has a strong work ethic and solid morals, meaning I trust her and her products. So without further ado....NOTES {by redletter design studio}!

Those adjectives listed at the top of this post? They also apply to redletter's NOTES. From invitations to thank you cards to art prints, NOTES offers stationery items to suit any need.

American Girl dolls are all the rage, in part because of the ability of kids to craft one-of-a-kind toys that can be exactly like them. The Looks Like Me line by NOTES takes this to another dimension. Kids can select their physical features, outfits and font.

Another item I love is the gift cards. Have you ever gone to a birthday party and several of the cards are the same one? It's inevitable in the traditional markets to find overlapping products. NOTES gift cards are unique and memorable.

Christmas is just around the corner (can you believe it?), and NOTES has beautiful personalized cards.

Even though email and texting are the most common way to communicate these days, who doesn't love getting snail mail? I always flip past the bills and junk mail to see if I got any actual letters and open those first, don't you? The Bird Family Note Pad is perfect for jotting a quick letter to drop in the mail, or just using for shopping and to do lists around the house.

Finally, whether you are fan of old-fashioned correspondence or not, we all have some envelopes that must be sent for bills that can't be paid online or birthday cards that go to Grandma who hasn't embraced computer technology. And there's nothing more humdrum than writing out your address repeatedly. Whoever thought of address labels was a genius! NOTES takes that basic invention and adds flair. My favorites are the monogrammed ones.

I could go on and on about all the products, but check out the Etsy shop for yourselves! And if you love it, like I think you will, grab the button from my sidebar.


redletter studio said...

You are too kind! Thanks Jen.

Goodness and Mercy Mom said...

LOVE the stationery! I will certainly check out her shop. So so cute.

And, regarding the previous post, no--your daughter is not weird. She is absolutely precious. (And sounds very smart.)

Jennifer, thanks so much for taking the time to stop by my blog last week and leave a comment. I love making new bloggy friends and finding great blogs to follow (I'm now follower number 12.)

Hope all is well in the Midwest!

God Bless,
Kathie (Southern Mama)

MultipleMum said...

Those NOTES are totally cute (and you did a great job with your first ever review too) x

The Flying Chalupa said...

NOTES looks beautiful and I have to admit, I have a special place in my heart for paper products. They're the next best thing to books! And now I'm jonesing for those monogrammed address labels.

Tatter Scoops said...

Oooh those looks so pretty. Wish I still live in the States :D

Not Just Another Jennifer said...

Thanks everyone!

Kathie, thanks for following me! And the reassurance that our DD isn't too weird. :)

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