Friday, July 29, 2011

Baby Bullets: 2nd Edition

  • Baby R likes to dunk her bread in water. Future hot dog eating champ in the making?

  • S has been having weird dreams about sharks. Wha? She had another one Tuesday night.
  • Last weekend, S had a fake phone conversation with her best friend's mom, hung up, yelled “Unbelievable!”, stomped upstairs to her bedroom, and slammed the door. Le sigh.

  • It's been 100 degrees (heat index of 112 at times) for the last few weeks. Our AC was out on Tuesday. We had to fix it immediately. For $700.

  • Baby R has hit the "I do it!" stage. When I change her diaper, she wants to take it off. She wants to wipe her bum. She wants to close the diaper cream. She wants to put the tabs of the new diaper on. She wants to put her shorts on. All by herself. No helping Mommy. Just her. She does pretty well with putting her shorts on, actually. Though she usually ends up with both legs in one hole. :)

  • Took S to see "Cars 2" a couple of weeks ago. Her first time to the movie theater! She really enjoyed it, but was ready for a nap by the end. :) It was ok - much more violent than the first one. But had a good message about friendship.
  • During the thunderstorm a few weeks ago, S said that the thunder was "disgusting." Apparently we need to redefine that word...
  • Baby R has been asking to use the potty seat. Yay! Not quite there, but interested.
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