Saturday, August 13, 2011

Baby Bullets: 3rd Edition

I love our kids. They crack me up. Every. Day. The first three bullets from today's update are fairly old - I thought I'd posted them a couple of months ago, but I don't see them here.

  • Baby R started saying "No, no, nooo" in the sing-song voice my mom uses. Ha!

  • She also started saying "I bee bu" which is toddler code for "I love you." Heart... melting....

  • She bit a chunk out of a bouncy ball. I try to keep them away from her since, clearly, it's a choking hazard. S is terrible about leaving them out and about. She's a little better about it now that one has been ruined.

  • S got a new backpack from my MIL last weekend when my SIL was here. She was playing with it last night and Baby R wanted it, so I asked her if she could give her old Pooh backpack to Baby R. She did, so they were off to school. S dropped Baby R off at preschool and said, "This is your teacher Miss B; she will teach you A LOT of stuff!"

  • Then S shouted out, "Going to high school! Bye!"

  • S: I need my keys. I know they're around here somewhere. (Wonder where she's heard that before.)

  • On our walk Tuesday night, S said "I have to fly to Canada to work on my exercise." Then as we were headed back to the house she yelled, "I'm going to miss my plane! (running) Wait! Wait!"
  • Baby R loves Farkle in Shrek 4 (Yes, I know - lovely movie choice for the little ones). Farkle has no lines. He's in it for probably 5 minutes total. Felicia and Fargus are both discussed more. But she's got a soft spot for him.
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