Tuesday, August 30, 2011


It started out as a joke:

And then turned into a full-blown project. First, Alison @MamaWantsThis got dolled up for a dinner date with her hubs. Wowza! Hot stuff. My DH was out of town over the weekend, so going out wasn't an option. But I knew I had to keep up with the challenge. So Saturday morning, when I took the girls to Lowe's to do their Build and Grow Clinic, I threw on a t-shirt and shorts. And lipstick:

That is my favorite shade. But clearly, it's too pale for this project. So during nap time that day, as I was sitting at the computer in our office/playroom working on my Etsy shop, I thought to myself, "Self, something is missing..." 

It took a few minutes and then I realized - of course! I needed some hot pink lipstick. For this Kodak moment, threw my hair in a quick, messy up-do and snapped away in Photo Booth. Prom 1987, here I come!

Join us! You know you want to...
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