Friday, August 5, 2011

Blogging Personality

With the BlogHer conference this week, the Twitterverse was all, well, atwitter. Some people were excited to go. Some were apprehensive. Some said they didn't do conferences and liked to keep their online lives separate from their "real" ones. It seemed that a lot of what it came down to (aside from being able to finagle travel/kids/work/finances) was personality. So after tossing the idea around a bit with @jillsmo, I thought I'd do a little poll to find out how people view themselves. 

Here are some of the responses I got:

@Fourplusangel I'm WAY more extroverted when I write. I wouldn't say half this stuff out loud.; If we could all just tweet each other from across the room I would be fine.

@HouseUnseen I'm not a conferencer either! Just thinking about being in a room full of people I don't know...;  I am definitely more extroverted in writing because I can delete and think and wait and not accidentally spit on anyone...

@varunner7 I'm an INFP myself. Idealist through and through ;-)

@TwinsMa I'm less reserved online. I talk about & say things that I don't necessarily share with others in person.

@MamaoftheFisch I am an introvert...which is weird b/c I am a teacher. Just pretty private irl.

@TLanceB ENTP, same same same- extroverted, anxietied, engaged

@TruthfulMommy Im a social butterfly big mouth talkaholic..pretty much everywhere :)LOL

@MothersHideaway it really depends on the situation. People say extroverted, but depends on the crowd. Same mix online?

@SuitcaseTricks Totally an extrovert. I know, shocking. I'm exactly the same online, but I curse less because I can edit.

@SurferWife Extrovert. Both. Surprising?

@ErinMargolin honestly? i am easier to get to know online. more open. in person? i can be really shy at first.

@HonestConvoGal Introvert via testing. However, I like people. I just have to have time to re-charge my batteries after hanging out

@elainea I'm a totally extrovert. Will talk to anyone who will listen. Much like on my blog. :)

@vic39first I'd like to think I'm the same in my blog as I am in person... only taller and with better grammar.

I thought the results were pretty interesting. So much so that I decided to make a chart. And @SurferWife and I decided it should be a pie chart. Chocolate. With whipped cream.

On the one hand I thought people who are extroverts IRL probably make up a large part of the blogosphere because we're already so outspoken. But then I thought, blogging really allows introverts to express themselves. And my horrifically unscientific experiment ended up with fairly split results that mimicked my impressive grasp of sociology.

As for me, I'm pretty outgoing in real life. And online. Though, I do say things differently in both realms. In some respects I'm more cautious with my blog than in person because it's documentation of the crazy. In others, it allows me a more open and honest venue because I'm not as nervous about a person's face-to-face reaction.

How about you? Are you the same online as you are in person?
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