Thursday, February 23, 2012


The object of the rescue mission

S has been studying dinosaurs at preschool the last couple of weeks. Today they did an archeological dig, and the teacher told the kids that some new species had been discovered; species with names like "Robbie-asaurus" and "Molly-asaurus." Each kid got a headband with their new dinosaur name on it, and they sponge-stamped footprints around it and put a dino in the center. S was really excited about it, and incredibly proud - as she should have been - they are very cute!

We left school and stopped by the post office. After parking, I hit the auto-sliding, back door buttons, and walked around to Baby R's side of the van to unbuckle her. With doors on opposite sides of the vehicle open, the wind swept through the interior and carried the beloved dinosaur headband out.

S screamed.

Using my best Supermom voiceover in my head - "Never fear, little girl! I'll rescue your dino-band!" - I sped around to her side of the car.

It's a blustery, pseudo-spring day on the prairie. Meaning I had to race full-speed ahead across the post office lawn before the paper band blew over to the highway. My feet tried to run while gripping my slip-on Michael Kors flats, but it wasn't happening. I finally let them fly off and charged after the tumbling headband.

I laughed at myself; some Supermom! The image those driving by must have seen.

And then I felt my socks getting wet. It rained earlier this week and the ground was still soggy. This was less amusing. I finally caught up to the "S-osaurus" and ran back to the van, scooping up my shoes on the way. I stopped on the sidewalk to put them back on; thankfully just the balls of my feet were a little damp.

Rescue mission complete! All in the name of Truth, Justice and the American Way. Or in Supermom terms, Health, Joy and Tantrum-Avoidance. Tune in next time to find out how our hero arms herself with a plunger to rescue a toilet that's been clogged with TP by her toddler. The excitement never ends!
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