Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Job - Part 2

Tuesday after I left the office, I headed to the bar and grill. Traffic and construction were terrible, so I was a few minutes late. Having witnessed a girl at work that morning get defensive for arriving at 8:31am, I was anxious and apologized to M as he introduced me to S. He brushed it off as no big deal.

We had a discussion that was very similar to the first one I'd had with him a month prior, but this time with S's input.The two of them seemed like a good balance for each other and as though both would be excellent supervisors. I also let them know that I had already accepted another job, but I felt that their company would be a better fit if we could reach agreeable terms. M told me he would send me an offer the next day.

I went home, excited and nervous. What if the offer was way too low and I just couldn't accept it? How was I going to tell my current company I was leaving? What if I got to the new office and it turned out to be a huge mistake?

The next morning, I couldn't stop learning and trying at my job, so I had to fake it which felt so weird. At lunch I went home to check my email again. The offer was a little lower than the current job, but not unreasonable. I sent back a counter to see if they could meet in the middle. They sent a response back that was between their original offer and my counter. I took it.

In my position at the first company, I was directly below the COO. Clearly she had too much responsibility to spend all day with me, so I was training with someone else most of the time, and then would have daily wrap-up sessions with her and the COO.  I had typed up a resignation letter and waited for her to ask how things were going that day. I let her know I would be resigning. She and the girl who had been training me were shocked. They asked if there was anything they could do, and I told them I just thought at this point in my life with two young kids and elderly parents with health problems that the other position would be a better fit for me.

I left things on good terms with them. Maybe in 15 years when the girls are grown and gone, I could go back there. It's an excellent place to build a career. That's just not my focus right now. I think I made the right choice for me for now.

Hours at my new job are 8-5. My boss told me to just come in around 9 the first day. My cube was decorated with these welcoming signs of beer and barbecue and a pile of candy on a cute red stool.

It's a complete 180 degree difference in atmosphere and attitude. There's a full bar in the marketing department that they open at 4pm on Fridays. :)

There have been some changes in management here, and there's a big company meeting a couple of weeks, so there may be some adjustments, but overall, they have a flexible attitude with respect to family coming first and not worrying about punching a clock, but just getting your 40 hours in and your work done. Which is much more my speed. As long as that doesn't change, I can see myself being here awhile.
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