Thursday, February 12, 2009

In the News

There were two amazing stories in the news the last couple of days. I don't actually watch the news - it's too depressing - but I skim the headlines from time to time. The first story from yesterday was about a baby who was born with 6 digits on each limb. Apparently it's fairly common for people to be born with a 6th finger or toe, and it's usually just a nub, but the doctors said that this baby has 6 on both hands and both feet and all are fully-functioning which is unheard of. Of course there's some debate as to whether they should be removed. The father had a nub on his hand that was removed when he was a baby. But since this baby's digits are fully functional, there's no reason to remove them. There are blogs about it that I've read and most people feel they should be kept but some people think they should remove them so the child isn't made fun of as he gets older. I think kids will always find something to make fun of others about, plus what a gift! Of course, having been blessed with a perfect baby, it's easy to say that.

The other story made me cry when I first heard about it a few months ago. A woman from Brazil married a man from the US and 4 years ago she took their son to her homeland to visit and never returned. She divorced him and married a powerful lawyer in Brazil. They had a baby and died from complications during delivery. The man here has been trying to get his son back this whole time - with the laws in the US and in Brazil on his side - but has been stonewalled. After the story was on the news and got national attention, he was able to go to Brazil with a senator and see his son. They haven't been able to return him here yet, but hopefully will soon. I can't even imagine! So heartwrenching.

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