Monday, February 16, 2009


Within the last few days S has definitely hit the "no" stage. She said it before, but just as a regular response. Now everything is no. It's pretty cute because when she says it, she drags it out and the intonation goes up at the end. "Are you Mommy's sunshine?" "Nooo-oooo." "Do you want something to eat?" "Nooo-oooo." I was losing appreciation for the cuteness by the end of the weekend, though. Particularly when I would ask something that wasn't a yes or no question: "Do you want to put your pajamas on first or brush your teeth?" "Nooo-oooo." I think I'm going to spend a lot of time praying for patience going forward.... :)

This weekend was pretty busy. DH's great-uncle passed away, so we went to the wake Friday night, and he went to the funeral Saturday. They had the rosary Sat, too, so between that and the luncheon after, he was gone a good part of the day. We had a showing Friday and two on Sunday. For Vday, he made me dinner (steak - yum!) and got me flowers which was sweet, but I had packed away all the vases, so I had to borrow one from the neighbor. :) Sunday we went to our nephew's bday brunch, and then to see our friends' new baby girl. Then we went to my parents' so S could take a nap during the second showing. It was busy, but I didn't get much done, ie, laundry and groceries. Ah well, that will have to happen tonight, I guess!

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