Thursday, January 19, 2012


I've been on a homemade food kick again. Partly because I know it's healthier, partly because I thought it would be cheaper. Sadly, the awesome waffles I made today turned out to be much more expensive than the box of Eggo's DH brought home from Costco tonight. I finally made those homemade granola bars, but no one liked them but me, so that doesn't really help. And the homemade bread is de-lish to everyone, but even with my new slicing guide I got for Christmas, it's a little bulky for sandwiches, especially for the girls since they rarely eat half a sandwich each anyway. So it's somewhat impractical to make the bread. I made a smoothie yesterday (see the image above) which was pretty good. Would have been better with a little chocolate syrup, but yes, I realize that eliminates the healthy part of it!

Until our recent job situation, I always felt like it was worth the extra money to make the food from scratch because it doesn't have all the preservatives, I know exactly what's in it, etc. But we are getting to a serious money crunch, and when it comes to deciding if we should make homemade waffles or buy the Eggo's, I'm truly at a point where I feel like we have to go with the Eggo's. Part of me thinks it's not a big deal, it's only temporary. We'll all survive if we don't eat the absolute best things for a year. (I realize all the examples I gave are not the healthiest choices, too.) Trying to focus on the positive. Thankful that we have the option to eat whatever we want, and not whatever is available, or worse, nothing at all.

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