Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Yesterday was my first unemployed day. It felt like a long weekend. Or maybe a day I decided to call in sick because I was slightly under-the-weather (because I was) and wanted to spend more time with the girls. I intended to put myself on a strict schedule immediately so that I wouldn't be a slacker, but since I had a sinus headache that felt like my brain had swelled beyond the capacity of my skull, I decided to take it easy on myself and just do what had to be done.

One of those had-to-be-done things was finish an order for Jaborandi Grove, these letters for my friend Katie over at Sluiter Nation for her newest addition who is due in a few weeks. Another of those things was to bake cookies for S to take to preschool tomorrow because yesterday was her half-birthday.

I always wanted kids with summer birthdays because I was jealous of my friends who had them since I have a December birthday. But the downside is that they don't get to do any birthday stuff at school. So I have to remember her half-birthday. Which really is almost impossible since I stopped counting her age in months - she's 54 months today!

S decided she wanted to make sugar cookies with the Easter cookie cutters that I bought on clearance after the holiday last year. So we have little baby chicks, eggs, churches and bunnies that have been doused in sprinkles of all kinds by eager toddler and preschooler hands.

Today will probably be another play-it-by-ear day as I'm still not feeling well - this warmer weather is fun, but it's wreaking havoc on my allergies - but I'm not going to feel guilty about it yet.
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